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General and Preventative Dentistry in Elanora

At 19th Ave Gentle Dental, we believe that preventing serious oral health problems from occurring is the best way to maintain your smile now and in the future. A broad range of general and preventative dentistry services is available at our practice.

Oral Hygiene Instruction:

Mom and dad hugging daughter and smiling

We offer a full range of dental services to keep your whole family smiling.

Proper oral hygiene is the most effective means of preventing dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Preventative Care Visits:
Preventative care visit are essential to maintaining a healthy smile. Healthy patients should have their teeth cleaned and examined every six months in order to encourage healthy smiles and address oral health problems while they are smaller and simpler to correct.

Dental Fillings: A dental filling is used to restore the portion of a tooth that has been damaged by decay. Fillings return both form and function to the afflicted tooth.

Root Canal Therapy: A root canal therapy is required when the nerve of the tooth has died due to trauma or decay.  The diseased nerve is removed and the canals disinfected and sealed to prevent reinfection.

Sedation Dentistry:
Your pain and anxiety are kept under control as you remain in a safe and light level of sedation throughout your dental procedure.

Children’s Dentistry: Establishing good oral hygiene habits at a young age is important for empowering your child with a healthy smile as they grow up.

TMJ Treatment:
Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause headaches, muscle pain and complications opening and closing your jaw. Thankfully we have non-surgical therapies that can help.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: 
Wisdom teeth sometimes cause pain, infection, or crowding of your other teeth. A simple exam is all that you need to find out whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed.


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